Detaylar, Kurgu ve Escort marmaris

Detaylar, Kurgu ve Escort marmaris

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[22] Early in 1979 the 1600 sport was launched, featuring a two-door bodyshell, revised gear ratios and a sporty look, using the 1600 motor proving to become a highly popular vehicle to the present day. The "One Six Double O" Sport was the best selling car in South Africa in 1980 at its retail price of R4995.00. These vehicles had a stronger Site block cast in South Africa that had thicker cylinder walls, which was and is still utilised in the Formula Ford series. SA vehicles differed in minor ways from European built counterparts in that the interior exposed mühür parts were painted Matt black birli opposed to body colour and the bonnet/hood prop pivoted from the right birli opposed to the left.

Dynamically, the handling and ride were also much improved with revised suspension grup up from that on the previous Mark V models. The sporty "Si" prototip had slightly stiffer suspension than the Encore, LX and Ghia variants, although the Si was otherwise the same bey the LX with some additional standard, mainly cosmetic, enhancements such as front and rear spoilers (which were also available birli options on the LX), sports seats and white-faced dashboard instruments.

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All models (other than RS) had a new steering wheel and the horizontal chrome strip along the center of the grille removed. Underneath a wider front track was given.

an armed guard, kakım a body of soldiers or ships: The president traveled with a large escort of motorcycle police.

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Another engine introduced around İnternet sitesi the same time was the 1.6L Diesel engine. Developed in Dagenham, it was remarkably economical for its time, managing over 70 miles per Gallon.

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In order to compete with Volkswagen's Golf GTI, a hot hatch version of the Mk III was created from the outset - the XR3. Initially this featured a tuned version of the 1.6 L CVH engine fitted with a Weber carburetor, updated suspension and numerous cosmetic alterations. Despite the initial lack of a 5-speed transmission and the absence of fuel injection, the XR3 instantly caught the public's imagination and became a cult car which burada was beloved of "uzunluk racers" in the 1980s.

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